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Why do I take WhatsApp as an example as the next investment in the internet?

The daily complaints of fears about the use of WhatsApp are causing withdrawal in the reporting of information around the world.

One more way to keep ourselves under control and plunged into silence.

I think I'm not going to leave them, read the information that I present here.

The main objective is to get investors to help us release this application as soon as possible to the market to achieve immediate independence from a medium like WhatsApp today (owned by FaceBook, a proven censor of the truth) that is entrenched in society and it only makes people less and less willing to communicate. While there is the Telegram alternative, it has not been accepted as widely as WhatsApp.

Based on the characteristics of our application, I would dare to say that we are going to achieve a great migration of users of the current WhatsApp, the first is that each user decides in which language the messages enter their phone, no matter what language they use who sends it, in real time, instantaneously, the second, I think, is the loss of credibility caused by being the owner of FaceBook.

I can already say that we have 50% of the application up and running, international chat in up to 109 languages ( is being used on our sites, the rest is more programming to make this final application. Needless to say that the way our application works it does not exist on the internet today. (June 2021).

Why all my communication systems are Multilanguage, 109 until today?

For years I saw the world as a great tower of Babel, although many can understand English, and it is one of the few useful things that the English left in their pirate excursions around the world, for the vast majority it is a challenge, this is not It prevented human intelligence from continuing to develop, but having the knowledge and technology I decided to make it possible that instead of learning another language, the world can communicate in its own.

Of course, has a very powerful encryption system in place, between whoever sends the message and whoever receives it, I can say that it is inviolable.

I already predict a tremendous success for the orders that are arriving; it will be one of those applications in google play or iPhone that will be in the records.

In a short time we will be in the market.

Why do I take WhatsApp as an example as the next investment in the internet?

Look at these statistics and you will see that there is a very large market that we can share. We make the difference in how we design it and how we carry it in structure, much lighter and easier to control.

We will start with individual and group chat, multimedia will come later, and yes, we will be able to work with audios, videos and calls.

Our decision to attract WhatsApp users is based on today's world and the trend to do global business, a growing need and no one can doubt that this is the case. The need to communicate globally has become extreme, not only for commerce but for journalism.

We already know that what affects other countries will sooner or later affect us as it is already happening, so it is better to be the first to arrive and offer what the world needs.

Especially in applications like WhatsApp that for practically 11 years has taught and trained billions of people in how to use the application, you do not have to train anyone in the use of the application; it will be an immediate global spread.

I invite ordinary people, with minimal capital who do not need it for 6 to 8 months and those who once dreamed of belonging or better yet, being the owners of those multimillion dollar companies, not to say billionaires that they have seen appear on the planet, this is your chance.

We have taken the hardest step in all this history, we developed the same technique as WhatsApp, it is impossible for us to copy it, we had to investigate and develop code that does not exist in any book or database, what remains is investment and continue coding to create all current features and more.

In the link below you will see how WhatsApp makes money and how much it has earned Facebook in 2020. Although we will not do exactly the same, because our goal is to reach 500,000 users and see how we can keep the application free, remember that in In our case, translation is a permanent cost that we have to cover, but as you will see, there are ways for the commercial version to pay for everything.

Those who want to be investors communicate in writing to WhatsApp +15746126782

This is a unique opportunity at the time of opening that we did not have planned and an effort has been made to join partners in something that is already 50% finished. We are all urged to have another alternative means to WhatsApp because it is widely disseminated and used.

WhatsApp usage and income statistics (2021)

Thank you for your support

Hector Gonzalo


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